New tech startup "Ocean Watch", who were presenting their business to potential investors and the public at a conference hosted by the World Economic Forum (Speculative). Ocean Watch created a scanning technology to locate ocean plastic through their radar and send data to their app. The radar scanner is attachable to surfboards, boats, or kayaks, allowing locals to spot plastic, relay data, and facilitate cleanup efforts. This technology empowers coastal communities to take action for a cleaner environmen. I worked with Erika Stratila and Brandon Conway to design an exhibition and create a strong brand identity to help Ocean Watch get its first investors and customers.
Project Duty
Experience Design, Brand Identity

Exhibition Layout
Our exhibition is based on informing users on the problem through infographics, getting users to interact with information to understand the problem, and then presenting our product and service as a potential solution. I created a radar motif that guides users through the exhibition and is also used as the main component in our brand identity. The wireframe models for the infographics were illustrated by Brandon Conway, and the 3D models of the space were created by Erika Stratila.
Here are a few posters I created to promote the exhibition. I also created a flag that can be used on beaches to signal where Ocean Watch is active.
Exhibition & Identity Design - Manas Trivedi
Illustration & Sound Design - Brandon Conway
3D Renders - Erika Stratila
Direction - Rory Bradley, Gerard Fox

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