I was asked to create a promotion strategy for the font "Auto Pro" by Dutch type foundry Underware (Speculative). I focused on converting customers through different stages, I created a motion graphic ad, a font mini site and a printed type specimen and poster that comes with each purchase of the font. The goal was to increase the font's visibility online, communicate it's benefits to users and start getting sales.
Project Duty
Web design, Motion Design, Print.

First point of contact
This short ad displayed on social media quickly shows off all the main features and quirks of the font.
Font Minisite
The customer visits the link from our motion graphic ad and ends up on the mini site. They are greeted with a landing page that contains an interesting type treatment of the font. The site expands upon the features of the font using animations and shows you more interesting typographic play through the type specimen. From here you can buy, try or download the type specimen.
Type Specimen
The final part of our customer's journey, it can either be downloaded as a PDF from the minisite or be delivered to the customer along with a poster as a gift you get for buying the font. Below you can see some of my experimentation and play with the font to create some display pieces. You can also see the flat plans I created to try nail down the content structure of my type specimen and finally some rough type layouts.

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