I was invited to design the space for a conference and a brand identity for Emoti-Con (Speculative), a conference where speakers give talks about various emotions. The emotion I was in charge of was Joy and I tried to communicate this emotion through every aspect of the conference, from the architecture, seating, lighting and colours. The main feature of the conference was an interactive screen that allowed users to create their own toy that would then be 3D printed and given to them at the end of the conference as a parting gift. 
Project Duty
Experiential Design, Brand Identity

I began prototyping fast and early with some coloured paper, trying to create some abstract ideas of how I could represent "joy". I then moved onto experimenting with forms, materials and lighting in Cinema 4D.
Interactive Element
I created an interactive touchscreen at the conference entrance where attendees can design their own digital toys. They then receive a physical version of their creation in a happy-meal style box at the end of the event. This interactive feature sets a fun and relaxed tone for the talk and leaves attendees with a memorable experience.

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